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The 1920 Winnipeg Falcons

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A brief introduction to the famed 1920 Winnipeg Falcons


Frank Frederickson, captain of the Winnipeg Falcons, and his neighbourhood friends grew up on skates. Frank’s father faithfully flooded their backyard through the harsh Winnipeg winters to provide all of Frank’s friends a place to play hockey. But when these boys matured into young men they were dragged away from their sticks and nets into WWI in Europe. Upon returning home from the war to the sport they loved, they were barred from the regional league due to discrimination against the “fair-haired ragtags”. The determined Falcons’ players formed their own league.

That same year, the Winnipeg Falcons—the team that no one wanted—swept the league, provincial, and Allan Cup championships to win the right to represent Canada at the first ever Olympic hockey games in Belgium! Their natural talent, speed, and tightness as a team won the Falcons the first Olympic Gold medal in hockey history.

After beating Team USA 2-0 in what was the greatest hockey game ever seen in Europe to that point, the Falcons faced off against Sweden to win the gold. Team Canada had five points against the scoreless Swedes at the end of the first period. Because they liked the Swedish Team, the Winnipeg Falcons made a show of suddenly finding the ice exceptionally slippery and themselves clumsily falling down - therefore allowing Team Sweden to score a goal. The Swedes went wild with excitement, thanking the Falcons for allowing them to score. The exemplary teamwork and sportsmanship of the Falcons won them not only the first Olympic gold medal in ice hockey but also the respect of hockey enthusiasts internationally. The Falcons returned to Canada to heroes’ welcomes across Canada.

Eventually the legend of the Falcons’ determination and heroism dwindled and their gold medals and uniforms were quietly tucked away. It was not until the Falcons Forever campaign was launched by the United Icelandic Appeal at the 2002 Olympics that the Falcons was resurrected and celebrated.

Wayne Gretzky with Eric, Marno and Jaye Olafson in from of the Falcons Forever mural
Wayne Gretzky with Coastline's extended family Eric, Marno and Jaye Olafson standing in front of Luther Pokrant's Falcons Forever mural. This was taken at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Falcons Gold honours Canada’s proud Olympic past through a young boy Erik’s time-travelling adventures with the Falcons and their lively friend Charlie Thorson, a real-life Canadian illustrator who designed Snow White and Bugs Bunny.

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