Mark Jenkyns (b.1950) enjoys a unique career in Art. In the 70s he founded the Subway* Group (of Artists) in Winnipeg leading to Subway Galleries in Winnipeg, Calgary and New York. He also founded Shenanigan’s Gallery Dining Room in Calgary and through the last half of the 80s The Gallery at Sets in Winnipeg (5000 sq ft). He taught drawing at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and lectured on The Subway Group at the University of Calgary (Kiyooka) and the University of Manitoba (Hammock). He studied under Ivan Eyre, Ken Lockhead, Don Reichert, Bob Sakowski, Alex Bruning and Bob Archambeau.

His allegorical detailed drawings, semi-cubist pastels and stylized ink works have been exhibited in Canada, USA and France. His illustrations, bendable characters and bronzes have been widely circulated through commercial end users throughout Canada. He is currently working on new work in each of the three categories outlined and now that ‘the kids are gone’ is enjoying a new period of serious production.

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