The following book review was written by Gary Oddleifson and appeared in the Icelandic-Canadian Club of Toronto's January/February 2002 Newsletter The Fálkinn:
Book Review: The Culinary Saga of New Iceland

Although I am an avid reader of fiction and non-fiction, I would never have considered myself as one who could be an authoritative critic of a cookery book. However, this particular book impresses me for its other merits. The recipes are all provided by North American Icelanders and are all certain to be tried and true, and I'll put my faith in them for that reason. Anyway, they look interesting, and many are complete with notes and stories from the various donors. But my interest was aroused by the fact that this book is obviously more than a recipe collection. It is apparent that while the author was

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researching the history of the recipes, or the history of the families they represent, this work has become a celebration of our heritage.

Olafson-Jenkyns has included much by way of factual history of the Icelanders in North America. Brief histories are given for the settlements, not only New Iceland, but settlements from Nova Scotia to Utah, and in between. Excerpts are included from the people that were, at the time, influential in the evolution of our community. I own a few cookery books and several books about our Icelandic heritage. For me, this book goes on the Heritage shelf.

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