This article was written by Elva Jónasson and originally appeared in the Lögberg-Heimskringla on August 24, 2001:
Want to Cook Icelandic Canadian Food?
Order The Culinary Saga Now

The Culinary Saga of New Iceland, written, researched and tested by Kristin Olafson-Jenkyns is now available. This very comprehensive book features traditional New Iceland recipes gathered from several sources including family, friends, relatives, old cookbooks, Framfari, etc. Guđrún Agústsdóttir generously shared a handwritten Matreiđslubók from the early 1900s compiled by her grandmother, Guđrún Jónsdóttir of Seljamyri, which allowed Kristin to compare recipes passed on by the early settlers of New Iceland to those of Iceland.

Recipes for foods that more recently have come to be associated with New Iceland, including many developed by Kristin, are an exciting addition. Kristin also includes in her book descriptions of cultural and historical aspects of Icelandic heritage with many photographs of New Iceland. Many interesting vignettes detail things unique to the Icelandic culture. This splendid publication is particularly suited to those children and grandchildren that did not have the opportunity to learn about their heritage from their ammas and langammas.

Order this book.