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SOLD OUT The Nobel Banquets: Modern Recipes from Classic Menus
By Hélène Bodin and Stefan Bjur

A beautifully photographed celebration of the history of Nobel banquets, The Nobel Banquets provides sample menus and recipes of menus served since 1901. Since the first Nobel Banquet in 1901, almost ninety Nobel dinners have been served in Stockholm, Sweden, on the 10th of December--the main day of the festivities.

When people think of the Nobel Festivities, they tend to think of pomp and circumstance, prominent guests, royal splendour, and the parade of waiters down the staircase in the Blue Hall, each bearing a plate of the traditional ceremonial dessert. Over the years, more than 650 eminent people have received the prize. Most of them have taken part in the ceremony itself as well as in the festivities that follow it. Every year, more than one billion people follow the proceedings via TV throughout the world.

The authors of this book have traveled 100 years back in time through the pastels and flowing forms of the 1950s, to the austere international elegance of today. The book presents background information on Alfred Nobel and provides a glimpse into the working environment of the Nobel gala itself, where preparations are made once every year for a party with over 1200 guests.

In The Nobel Banquets, the recipes have been adapted to serve six people and to appeal to today's palate. By following the recipes step-by-step, even a beginner can serve up a splendid three course meal. Good food should be matched with excellent wine and Jan Samuelson and Oz Clarke have suggested suitable beverages to accompany the food.


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