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Deathstyle::CelebrationCelebration was produced by Andrew McPherson and Mackenzie Kristjón and mastered by Phil Demetro of Lacquer Channel. Featuring a range of songs that have been compared to David Bowie and Nick Cave, it squarely addresses the full breadth of human experience lyrically. Created over a period of years, the project started when Mackenzie booked time to work on demos and decided to surprise his musicians with brand-new material written the night before. Stunningly, it worked. And so surprise became the order of the day.. celebrating the talents of the musicians to interpret spontaneously songs they had never properly "learned". See the video for THIS MAD DESIRE.

ISBN 8-30159-00152-4
Retail Price: $10.00 CDN/US



This demonstration video has been alternately described as "killer" and "GREAT". This song comes from the Celebration CD.