Name of Ship: Black Hawk V1
Official Number: 126 002
Port of registry: Winnipeg
Register Tonnage 96.28
Gross Tonnage: 123.18
Type: Motor, Twin Screw
Length from forepart of stem to foreside of stern rudder stock: 71.4 feet
Main breadth to outside of plank: 17 feet
Depth of top of deckat side amidships to bottom of keel: 12.2 feet
Length Overall: 80 feet
Draft:7.5 feet
Topsides: 3/8 steel plate
Bottom: Varies from _ to _ inch plate
Stem: Flared
Stern: Rounded
Frames: Double angle _”x4”
Floor Timber: Steel
Deck Beams: Steel
Decks: Steel Plate
Keel: Steel
Superstructure: Steel
Bulkheads: 2-Full
Fuel System: Bonded to hull

Date of Registration and Name Change: November 7, 1977